How To Create "How To Guides"?


Are there any tools, applications, websites that I can utilize to create “How To” guides?. I am at a loss trying to google for something but, I may not be using the right terminology. The guides that the site uses are awesome and I would like to find something similar.


If you do not want to do HTML, JS, CSS programming then MarkDown maybe a good choice for writing stuffs.


They are using a content management system, probably something like a heavily modifed Wordpess.

To build a web site like they have, you’d need to know HTML, CSS, PHP, and probably some SQL.

If you’re trying to do this for print or PDF, then you can do the same with any good word processor or page layout program. I used to use a program called Scribus for newsletters and flyers, or you could just use Word, Libre Office,, or any good word processor.