How to change what PDF open with in CMD or Batch


I recently downloaded Architect 6 and I want to PDF document to open with it instead of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

but with CMD or Batch

reason why: i have a lot of workstation to set it on and i don’t want to do one by one.

Any help would appriciate it


What is the OS in those machines?


Just windows 7 & 10 . i try most of the steps already. they don’t work for me


I am not using Acrobat now but the following procedure may work with other software. I use SumatraPDF to reading PDF files. Here are the two commands (as admin) I use:

ftype SumatraPdf="D:\MyFolder\SumatraPDF.exe" "%1"
assoc .pdf=SumatraPdf

D:\MyFolder\SumatraPDF.exe is the installation path. ftype and assoc are documented commands used in Command prompt.

Here comes the complicated part. If there is no pre-installed PDF reader those commands will work as usual in Window 7. But in Windows 10, there is a pre-installed UWP app. So user has to do it manually from Settings app, commands will not applied (though some dangerous registry hacks present). Adobe acrobat reader has some shell extensions which doesn’t work in normal way.

tl;dr Just try those commands