How to change user profile


[How to change user profile. From long to matbad.
Is this possible and if so how?
It doesn’t work on my profile.
Does anyone have a solution to this?


User account for which device or OS


It’s my user profile on How To Geek discussion.


The How-To Geek discussion forums use the Discourse software.
In the Discourse software the maximum amount of time a user can change their user name usually is limited to just 3 days after they create their account.

This is done because after 3 days, it’s likely the user has made many posts with one user name that has been used and referred to by other members of the forum so changing the user name at that point could be confusing and some links to posts and replies may contain the user name for tracking certain things so a user name change would stop those from working too.


Thank you for your answer. My username was long, but it changed when the wind blew to lang.
Therefore, I will change, 2 usernames do not work.
If this cannot be resolved, I have a choice to give up this forum.


I’m confused as to what you are talking about.
What does the length of your user name and how the wind blows have to do with needing to change your user name?

Not being able to change your user name seems like a silly reason to stop using a forum.


I’m completely new to this forum, I just want to change my username to the bath and I can’t use both names.
@longlang. no Vant @matbad Ok


According to your forum profile you joined the forum on October 4th, 2018 so it doesn’t appear that you are complementary new to this forum as you have had an account for at least 8 months now.

I’m fairly sure now that there is a language barrier here between us as that sentence and the sentence in your last post doesn’t make sense as an English sentence.


8 months is it right, first do you need to get to know this forum takes some time?
Tom said change Username was very simple, tried my profile but didn’t work and doesn’t work now, and needs to spend 8 months or what do you think?


jd2066 Now finally finally the error corrected, thanks for your help, the error was.
People can mention you as @long on my profile (It can’t be changed) I was missing this image
now everything is right. Thanks for the help.


Unfortunately you would not be able to do so.


Please feel free to reply, this Forum has several skilled users. That’s why I was going to milk me.
The English is the language that is being acquired here, I did not understand at first. But now I know this. Explanation from Tom.
My user name was set as Long but it didn’t work ever as long and it’s wrong.
Changing this in my profile failed it. Reply from Tom it fixes you yourself but it was not easy.
Change to the food baths I had to give up, so then I understand that joining here was just forgetting. That’s the answer from me.