How to boost internet signal that is ssid and password provided by housing management


I live in a 16 or so unit housing facility, and just recently it has acquired wifi connectibility. I was given a password and the SSID name to connect, but the signal always says “Poor”, and it is really poor.

My question is, is there a way to boost the signal?


The only way would be an external antenna, probably something in your window or outside your unit. You could install a WISP Router (Wireless ISP Router) with an external, high gain antenna, and point the antenna toward wherever the base unit is installed.

A better bet would be to petition the management to install a wireless access point closer to your unit, or - better yet - get them to run wires to all of the units. Shared wireless is not safe, and every unit really should have its own wired connection going to a network switch.


So then WiFi booster devices aren’t designed for this at all.


I have a netgear ac router. Can it be used as a WISP router?


“booster” devices can only amplify the transmitter power, but it doesn’t do much for the receive. That’s a bit like talking louder, but still not being able to hear the other guy talk.

You need two separate radio systems: one is used for your “inside” network, and one is used for your “outside” network. The Netgear router can be used as your inside network, but you still need the outside network.

You can convert your Netgear by adding an external wireless bridge, something like this:


Would this type thing work?

What’s the difference?


Or this one.

I also should mention I do not have a Windows OS at this time; just Android 7.0. Could this be a problem with setup?


I would not use anything but a dish or yagi antenna. You need as much gain as you can get, and the antenna is the best way to get that gain.

Something like this connected to a bridge is the best you can get:


So this is a plus for the Ubiquiti Bridge?

I’m wondering if it is even worth it.

The rate for this connection is a measly “1 Mbps”. It’s constantly on and off.

Would this boost setup help it to stay on? (not lose the connection)

How can something like this even be marketed. If the ceiling is 1 Mbps it can only go down, right? or maybe up slightly, but mostly just down. A look at it once and it said 19 Mbps under the heading Link Speed. What’s that about…

The WIFI icon in the notification area never shows more than the first little ‘dot’ blip or it shows nothing at all (mostly) like it’s showing right now, but the connection still seems to be working.


You’re getting 1Mbps because of the weak signal. If you install a higher gain antenna, you’ll get a better signal, which will give you a more reliable link and a faster connection.

Honestly, I think the best thing you can do is talk to the management about getting a second access point installed to cover your part of the complex. WiFi is only good for 50-100 feet or so and is not meant to cover 16 housing units from a single point.


They’re not really ‘housing’ units, but more like SRO (single room occupancy) type units. They are all connected in a square ‘U’ kind of shape. There might be a few basement units, not sure, but there is not a second story at all. It’s small as far as a living complex goes. I guess I could ask about it, but the management isn’t that concerned with the needs of one, I’m thinking.

Thanks for the advice and information.