How do I stop Surface computer from draining battery when shut down


Surface computers running Windows 10 do a lot of housekeeping while supposedly shut down. I have not tested the platform over a multi-day period. But over 10 to 20 hours when unplugged, these activities require an average 0.15 to 0.9 Watts.

As you probably know, it is not practical to remove/reinstall the battery from a Surface PC. And if you go to the Microsoft forums, you will see lots of Surface users pulling their hair out over this drainage.

Most of the time, I’m grateful that my computers take care of this housekeeping while I’m not using them. But sometimes, I know I will be away from the power grid for several days and will need to do work on my Surface that will require a nearly full battery.

I realize there will be some slight drainage. I need a way to ensure that I have a nearly fully charged Surface even after it has been away from the power grid for a few days. In other words, I need a way to virtually remove the battery from the Surface.

Things that I already know don’t work include

  • Using the full shutdown command from command line.
  • Doing a hardware shutdown holding the power button down.
  • Disabling fast startup
  • Putting Windows in airplane mode before shutting down
  • Microsoft tier 1 support
  • Microsoft tier 2 support

Sleep study reports don’t show a consistent reason for the activity. Different motherboard drivers turn on while the Surface is shut down.


It is obvious that the Surface doesn’t really turn off with connected don’t understand why that would be an issue if the computer is shut down!


So the issue is that when you shut off the computer, the battery still drains like it does when the computer is turned on?
Unless the computer went into sleep mode instead of shutting down, that should not happen.
How much does the battery drain while it is suppose to be totally shut down?