How Can I Update to the Latest Version of Android?


I am trying to find out how to get the latest version of Android on an HP 10 2101?


Read that first, then this:

Usually, you can check for updates by opening the settings app, and looking for an “Updates” option, then you could click “Check for Updates”.

Or you could read this HTG article:

You might also want to read this HTG article:



That 2014 tablet probably can’t be updated. Many tablets and phones never get an updated version of Android. My 2014 LG LS620 phone came with, and is stuck with, KitKat.

If you buy the high end Android phones from Google you get two Android updates before they reach the end of update life. e.g. Nexus 5X started with Marshmallow, got Nougat and then finally Oreo.