How can i get rid of the notice: "no support for flash player" when chrome starts?


how can i get rid of the notice: “no support for flash player” when chrome starts?


May you provide some details on that issue? Like where did you see it? is that for a specific website? Are you using any website that needs old flash player tech?


This is what appears. If I click on Turn Off, I have to reactivate flash player when needed, and it won’t reappear until Flash is once again needed however the the routine begins again when chrome is activated.


I have no idea how to get rid of the notice permanently.

I have heard that Google intends to make it annoying to encourage users to contact the website’s that require the buggy, unsafe, and obsolete flash video system and ask the website to change to one of the more stable, secure, and actively supported video systems for the web.

Adobe has formally announced that Flash will no longer be patched after April next year, so it’s long past time for websites to move away from Flash (initial announcements came two years ago but only said by the end of 2020).


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am well aware of both the limitations of Flash and the desire to discontinue support for flash. However it is not something that requires a constant notification.


I do not use Chrome. But Firefox does not show that “flash”-y notifcation at all.


I also have used Firefox…for about…20 (?) years. With the latest updates, Firefox got slower and then weird. It got to a point that using it just wasn’t worth the issues, and I have switched to chrome. Yes, there are features that I miss, but Chrome is much speedier and other than the constant reminder regarding Flash, it seems to be very stable.


AIUI, the Google Chrome Team disagrees with you, so if you can’t find a workaround I second @Biswa’s recommendation to consider changing to a browser where the development team agrees with you.