How Can I Configure the Default Font Size in Outlook Mail?


each time I want to start a new email I have to go and specify the font size. Is there any way that it can be fixed i.e. I don’t have to stop and go into fonts and adjust the size? Also this outlook that came with windows 10 seems very simplistic. How can I upgrade it? Should I buy Office 365 to get a better version of Outlook ?


You can try this!


I am sorry I am late in my reply. Thank you Ronnie, for helping. My Outlook does not have the same options. I guess I need to actually go and buy the Office 365 Personal which comes with another Outlook mail. Mine came with windows 10, and my email is in outlook but it seems to be a very simplified version. I don’t have a File option or any option that I can see to change the font size or color.
Or am I wrong?
Thank you for helping,
I just checked and took a clipping. I guess Microsoft is calling it ‘Mail’ for windows. Here is what mine looks like which no doubt you already know.

Screenshot removed by mod due to personal email and other personal info