Help with pdf creation


Can someone help - simple “instructions for nul” . I would like to learn how to create a Editable (filable) word file w10.


If you’ve money you can buy Adobe Acrobat Pro. See this following tutorial:

If you don’t have enough money and love Open source free softwares (in beer 'n speech) you can use LibreOffice. See this following tutorial (or others):


Actually, you don’t “buy” Adobe Acrobat anymore; you essentially rent them. It’s also now cloud based (one of two main reasons I abandoned it).

LibreOffice Writer is an excellent freebie for creating PDFs. When you convert a writer document to PDF, there is an option to embed the original document in the PDF so you can essentially open the PDF in Writer for full editing capabilities.

An excellent, paid replacement for Acrobat is Qoppa’s PDF Studio Pro. It’s capabilities fall between Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro and is considerably less expensive that Acrobat Standard. It comes out with a new version around every two years but you do not have to upgrade like you are forced to do with Acrobat and it’s not riddled with security holes like Acrobat is. A license can be used on two installations and it has versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.