Help to get me started with VPN

hi guys,
trying to get my head around this VPN thing, you can buy VPN , you can get free VPN, and youtube shows that you can setup VPN though your router, so whats best for me? i use my PC to buy stuff online and send emails, not worried about download speed,
thanks for your time guys, bluesfloyd.

I use Private Internet Access (PIA) $3.33 a month or $39.95 annual best way to go annual. Great VPN service and support been using them for years. Free ones will use advertising toward you and your browser nothing free! Very easy to setup on computer device, phone, android boxes will support 10 devices simultaneously at once. Many states and out of country 3398 + Servers in 32 Countries. Most important it Block ads, trackers, and malware. Good Luck!!

Hey, don’t take free VPN, because they sell users data. Instead pay more to be sure you will be protected. If it’s only for your personal use - read more about NordVPN (because it’s trustable and knowable worldwide) or Express (they also have good reviews), if it’s for your job: answering emails, I suggest you NordVPN Teams, this is a great business solution. Personally in my company we use the last one and everything is works fine.