Help opening vitally important medical App


Desperate for help. My doctor referred me to an app for medical information. I downloaded it on my iPhone and my iPad. It opens to a blank page. Then I installed all 4 APK files on my fire tablet to enable google play. When I brought up the app it said not optimized for this device. It is imperative that I access this app. The app is titled Look4LE. Can anyone tell me what to do? It does not seem to work on computers. I tried both a new Apple laptop and an older HP lap top. I’ve spent 12 plus hours trying to open this app. Can anyone tell me what to do please?


The iTunes store has a review from the beginning of the month saying the app is broken and only opens a blank page. The good review shown is from over 6 years ago.

I strongly recommend you contact your Doctor for help, tell him the app no longer works correctly and ask him for an alternate way to look up a medical specialist.