Help, my Win 10 pc was zapped by power outage


Before you rush out and buy a new keyboard, did you try reseating the connection? Did you try connecting the keyboard to another port (like swap the keyboard and mouse) connections.

By doing this you can verify if the keyboard is actually dead, or if it could be the port it is plugged into.


Yes, I did all that. Thanks. I bought a new keyboard and installed it.


I have another problem. My backup physical hard drive was apparently zapped.
I installed another USB hub, but cannot link to the drive.


I need to know how I can run diagnostics and possibly format the other drives:

  • Toshiba
  • WD Passport
    Any suggestions?


Are you saying you originally had the drive connected to a USB port, that wasn’t working so you bought a USB hub? Do you have a USB port available on your router?

What other drives?


When you get this fixed, get a power conditioner. It’s cheaper than a new computer.


What is a “power conditioner”?


Topaz and Sola are the leading brands in this field.