Help, my Win 10 pc was zapped by power outage


We had a major power outage last night,
and I can enter my user I’d,
but when I try to enter a password, the password field remains blank
What. can I do?
I am doing this on my iPad.


I also cannot enter keystrokes into google.


And I cannot enter keystrokes in the address bar in chrome.


Some confusion though. Win10 in iPad?? How did you open browser when you can’t enter password??


I am using my iPad to post this, since I can’t do it on my win 10 pc. Duh.


So what do I do on my win 10 pc?


Or in IE on my win 10 pc


Is anyone there. "…


Hello is anyone there.


Try the onscreen keyboard and/or another keyboard.


Good idea. Will do."…"…


Please do not continuously “bump” your thread like that.

People do not monitor the forums in real time and you’ve been here long enough to know it can take some time before you might receive a reply - especially on a weekend when many folks are out and about tending to their “offline” lives.


chi, how can I access my onscreen keyboard.



Thank you, but when I right-click On the task bar,
It brings up choices for:

Select all
Edit search engines

That doesn’t help me. Sigh.


I followed the instructions for win 8.1 and got the keyboard.



Glad you were able to work that out - and thanks for letting us know this solution worked for you.


Now I will buy a new keyboard.


Great - keep us posted


Re: Virtual Keyboard
I like to use ctrl + f to find stuff.
How can I do this on my Virtual Keyboard.
Ctrl does not seem to latch down.