HELP HP laptop windows 7 forgot admin password


Ok so hp laptop gets a password on it so no one (brothers) could get into it. I forget password because I made it in a hurry then didnt touch laptop for a few months. Now it will boot up to type password but wont let launch repair boot at all just shows a blue screen saying windows shut down and if I try boot usb/cd way of unlocking my keyboard wont work to select usb boot only keys “esc, f9, f10, enter, and left arrow button,” and now I dont know what to do I cant lose all my sons baby pictures and videos somebody plz help me PLEASE


Have you gone through either of these procedures?

It’s unlikely that your drive is encrypted, so you should also have the option of removing the storage drive, connecting it to another computer and accessing the files that way. At least you would have the option of backing them up (and keeping backups in the future) if you end up having to reinstall the OS.


I dont have windows install disc but I tried going to link for password reset but cant seem to find the actual link that downloads the software


Which software? Do you mean the software to create the boot disk?


If you don’t have install disk, you should follow the 2nd tutorial suggested by @larrylmitchell and download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor:

When your hard drive is encrypted with BitLocker, any Windows password recovery/reset methods won’t work.
Then you can pull the drive and attach it to another PC, and decrypt it with your BitLocker recovery key:

One decrypted, remove the drive and plug it back to its original PC and Offline NT Password & Registry Editor should work now.


Ok thanks you guys ill try it and get back to you with update ASAP