HDMI/USB Connection


I have an old Dell Computer that I used an HDMI/USB Connector to a New TCL Smart TV. TV works fine. The computer doesn’t display anything. Any idea’s?


Do you have anything plugged into the computer’s VGA port? Those USB adapters don’t really work very well, and you definitely won’t get anything during boot.

They’re really only useful as a second screen, and you need to install drivers for the adapter to work. For that, you’ll still need a monitor plugged into the computer’s VGA or DVI port.

What model is your computer? There may be a better way to go than the USB adapter.


It be helpful to know the model of that computer.

It would also be helpful to know the make and model of this HDMI/USB connector.

Usually your computer needs to output DVI or HDMI to connect it to the Television which has HDMI inputs.
If your computer only has a VGA output then if the TV has a VGA input you can use that but if the TV has no VGA output then you can’t do that.

It’s the job of the graphics card (built-in to the motherboard or an expansion card) to output video to the correct format that a monitor or TV can handle.

There USB devices out there which function as an external graphics card to output in HDMI format for the use of a second monitor.
Many of these devices need a USB 3.0 connection to transfer good quality video from the computer to an HDMI output that goes to a TV along with sufficient power supplied to them via the USB 3.0 port or a power supply if the USB 3.0 port doesn’t supply enough power.

They might function on USB 2.0 but if the box says USB 3.0 then probably not and if they do, the video quality will likely be not as good.

If your older computer only has USB 1.1 support then no USB solution will work at all.