Having Trouble with a Sticky Key on my Keayboard


I accientally hit something an got it working before. is there a solution? I complete stickie key shift five times but no help. to be clear … the abc_efghijk…missing letter wont work


Are you talking about the Windows Sticky Keys accessibility option or an actual sticky key?

If you are looking for the accessibility option just do a search from the start menu, its under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center\Make the keyboard easier to use

But if you have an actual sticky key, then you will need to see if you have a keyboard model that will allow you to clean it. Mechanical keys are nice in this regard because each key has its own switch, so even if the key turns out to be worn out you can replace the switch, or even swap it with another key that you don’t use and be back in business; where as with a traditional membrane keyboard, if you have a part of the membrane that is worn out you have to replace the entire keyboard (if a cleaning doesn’t do the job).