Having a problem moving Thunderbird to another pc


On my Win 10 notebook, I had to get rid of a corrupted TB. I copied TB in its entirety from my Win 7 version, which has no problems. I copied to an external drive, Pasted it into Win Program (86) folder. I created a desktop shortcut. No matter what I do i cannot open TB. I had MozBKup and found out that it is not being used anymore from the message i got when I tried to download it. In the good ole’ days, i seem to recall all i had to do in a similar situation was to copy Profile folder and replace it over the old one…but like I said, I deleted the entire old TB version, so I assumed by copying the entire TB folder should be sufficient but I guess not. Any help would be appreciated.


TBird has to be INSTALLED on the new PC because of REGISTRY entries. MozBackup may not deliver any more updates, but it still works. I use it for Firefox and Thunderbird. Your idea of the profile file was correct, but if you deleted it, oh well. If you still have any MozBackup profiles for TBird, install TBird & MozBackup, then use MozBackup to add back your former profile.


The old Profile is gone. I did not want it cause it was corrupt…the better profile is the one that I installed with the entire TB folder. This is not a new computer that i installed TB on. When I ran Mozbkup, that is when i got that message…but i don’t understand using it anyway…it will probably install TB which I already did and it may ask me that one exists and would it be alright to overwrite it.