Has anyone experienced this?


Hi all

One of my Word was affected by gremlins, all bold/uppercase keywords were transformed to lowercase overnight. Only one document was affected in this way.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation? If so how would I return everything back into uppercase? And would you know how to prevent this from happening again including what caused this to happen?

I’m aware that these changes can be made manually (one word at a time-which I don’t relish and will take forever). Is it possible to select all bold texted words and change their case?
I am using Word 2013.

Thanks in advance.


I haven’t seen that issue before. If you have a backup copy I would suggest restoring it.

If you don’t want to deal with backups, one suggestion that might be helpful in a case like this is if you were using OneNote to store your files, it has built-in versioning as you replace information, so you could simply lookup the previous version of the file the last time it was changed and restore that.

Keep in mind OneNote isn’t really backing up either if you store the book locally and don’t back it up, but if to tie the book to your email account instead then you wouldn’t have to worry about backing up the local copy of the book.


OK, thanks for the advice-much appreciated.
Everything is back the way it was.