"HACKMII" without Wii email service?


I just caught up with the reality that my Wii classic is no longer in any way supported.
I tried to get the internet usage several years ago and got the error code that should
have told me that the services had all disappeared. But that wasn’t clearly spelled
out anywhere so I gave up and just got around to Hackmii.com My problem is that
once I got the hack software transferred to the SD card, there was no mail service
coming into the Wii and I don’t know how to activate the software on the SD
manually. Can it be done or is there a workaround?



You need an exploit to run homebrew software. Exploits sometimes come in the form of savegames, system stuff (although rare), or other stuff.



Also what exploit are you using? It kinda sounds like you’re trying to use LetterBomb. Make sure the date and time are correct, as it does not work if your date and time is wrong. To change your time and date, first go to Settings, then find date and time, then set the date and time.


I am indeed using Letterbomb and this is my first attempt of this sort.
Years ago I hacked Adam cartridges with some success but that seemed
a simpler time.
I downloaded and unzipped Letterbomb, transferred it to an SD card,
and plugged it into my Wii console (the original Wii). I saw the date you
referred to. It seemed like the Wii was attempting to use the Wii online
mail (message) system but that’s defunct - they’re discontinued Wii messaging
on the Internet. Are you telling me I need to set the date setting in the Wii
console to match what I’m seeing on the screen when I run Letterbomb??

I appreciate the help and want to take this one step at a time because
I’m a rank amateur.



Well, how LetterBomb works is that it reuses the Wii Message Board for homebrew reasons. It is indeed defunct (whatever that means; outdated, maybe?), and since the Wii can read backed-up messages from the SD card, some good developers have made a fake Wii Message (or Wii email service message, whatever you like to call it) to trick the Wii into thinking that it (the Wii) made (and backed-up) the message. Since the Wii does not “know” its mail service is no longer working, that’s where LetterBomb comes into play. The Wii can back up messages when its own NAND (you know, internal storage) is full and needs more room. The LetterBomb website (please.hackmii.com) needs your Wii’s MAC address to sign the correct file, as the Wii only likes messages sent to its MAC address. Sorry if I am making no sense. :frowning:

EDIT: You need the right date because the Wii basically “thinks” it backed up the message at that time, LetterBomb has yesterday’s date “stamped” on it.

EDIT 2: You set the date BEFORE you try to run LetterBomb; on the inside LetterBomb is just an ordinary, backed-up Wii message with a lot of code inside it.



Any luck with LetterBomb yet?