Graphic card problem(s) motherboard ASRock P4i55GV


Hello everyone!

So - I own a Pentium 4 @ 2,4GHz, 2GB DDR 400 RAM, PSU 585 W, motherboard ASRock P4i55GV with default Intel graphic card.
Problem one (main problem): Today, while painting the kitchen, I heard the sound dragging and stuttering (software used: latest Winamp player). After 2-3 minutes, getting fed up, I went to the hallway and started to move the mouse (in order to turn on the monitor, which was set to go off in 3 mins). Nothing - just black screen and Pink Floyd mumbling. I’ve pushed the “Off” button (ouch!!), disconnected all cables from the electric red, pushed “On” and “Restart” buttons several times (to drain the electricity from the system), reconnected the cables, pushed “On” - nothing. Black screen on monitor and “No signal detected” message. Several seconds after, I heard the Windows XP welcoming sound, so the HDD is okay. My question is: has the graphic card died? Because I’ve restarted the PC several times, I even tried another monitor, but nothing. I want to mention that, since 2007, I had ZERO problems with this machine. Windows XP SP3 works impeccable, and I’m using this unit as a (vintage) Home Cinema 4+ hrs a day.
Problem two (a question, actually): If it’ll be impossible to find a remedy for the problem, which is the best video card for this motherboard? I see three slots labeled “FSB800” and one unmarked. (I can’t post a link to some photos because Google shows only the ASRock P4i65GV motherboard - though it’s almost identical). And, presuming I’ll install a new graphic card, will I be able to start Windows without its driver installed?

Thank you very much!

PS I want to mention that I simply love this antiquity, which is (well - was) in mint condition. It has a total of 9TB of storage (movies, TV series, music videos etc. etc.) and was able to play even HEVC 10 bit (true, with a max. 576p). And, if I’m here, can you also recommend a 5.1 audio card, because the label inside says “FSB800 SATA USB 5.1 CH.”


It might be easier and more cost effective to go on ebay and purchase a similar used motherboard model. There is no guarantee that if you get a video card the problem will be resolved, I would be more confident in fixing the issue by replacing the whole board rather than adding a card onto a board with an issue that might just be the beginning of the issues it is about to experience.

I have purchased a used motherboard on ebay before to replace a board in which I had bricked the board due to a failed firmware update (rather than go through the trouble of trying to replace the BIOS/UEFI with my poor soldering skills). The only issue I had was the battery on the used board was dead, so I just swapped batteries with my old board. To mitigate this issue in the future I chose to get a dual BIOS/UEFI on the new board I bought last year, that way I have a backup if needed.


“go on ebay and purchase a similar used motherboard model” + “fixing the issue by replacing the whole board rather than adding a card onto a board with an issue” - Wow! Thanks!! I will do this 1st thing the day before yesterday! How this simple, yet ultimate solution didn’t cross my mind??!?! Then, when the new, though similar used motherboard will crash, I will be the proud owner of not only one, but two damaged vintage motherboards. Wow-y WOWWW!! I could be one of the happiest men alive!!

In a nutshell: the case of this PC has a green scratch on the upper side, acquired in spring 2013, when my son’s toy truck fell from the upstairs on it. That and this new not-working graphic card issue are its only faults. On the interior, the PC looks like it was assembled last week: everything is clean - the fans, the wires, the slots, the memory sticks, the HDDs etc. The machine is in mint condition. I know how hard and often the motherboard was used and I’m asking for a compatible graphic card because I’m only a hardware dummy (not a software one; FYI, you replace/ upgrade a BIOS in under 3 mins, with a USB drive, 2 restarts included - what “soldering”??). And I know the place here, in Europe, where I can buy both the graphic card and the 5.1 audio card from, absolutely NEW (in precinct box or bag or whatever).

Long story short: what I need is a solution, a remedy to fix my problem and, if isn’t possible, then the brand and the type of a (some) reliable graphic and 5.1 audio cards fitting in mentioned slots, as I clearly specified in my initial post. Because knowing these details is a must when making the order.

Thank you.

…And if my motherboard will fail, at least I know I’m the killer.


Mint condition doesn’t mean new, nor does the hardware remain new if it is clean. It is not a collectable coin, it is an electronic component that takes wear and tear, even if you can’t see it with the naked eye.

FYI, if a firmware update fails in the middle of its update it can brick the board, which means you either need to replace the board or physically replace the chip on the board. Hence the soldering.

A gave you a viable solution, because that is what you asked for, you presented a problem and asked for a solution - otherwise you wanted a video card recommendation.

What I presented was what I felt was the better solution given the circumstances, and you replied with a sarcastic remark. Not the best way to clarify your original intent.


Your “viable” solution implies some (little, around 40€) money + (at least) 2…2,5 hrs of work for replacing something old with another old. Unacceptable.
My solution requiers:s some max. 20€ for the graphic card (and the same or less for the audio) and 2 (two) thumbs for pushing it in the slot. Then, insert the CD, click the “Install driver” icon & restart computer.

The “clean” interior and components mean that I was extremely careful with the thingy from the very start. Even I know that the mere turning on of an electr(on)ic device shortens its life, due to the electricity passing thru its whatever.

Peace, “Einstein” :peace_symbol:.


By adding a video and sound card, you are assuming the motherboard won’t further degrade. That is certainly possible, but it is also possible its the tip of the iceberg for a cascading failure.


LMFAO!!! I’m also “assuming” I’ll win the Christmas lottery.


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Larry’s right. You need a new motherboard. You can pop in just about any AGP graphic card, but it’s a 50/50 shot whether the system will detect the new video card or still try to use the on-board graphics. And since the on-board graphics appears to be not working, you’re going to have a hard time setting AGP as first in the CMOS setup.

And next time, don’t lead with a sarcastic response, just because you don’t like someone’s advice. That’s not how we roll here.


Funny thing is I can’t even find this board anywhere, the closest I can find is the P4i65GV or P4i45GV. Looking at these boards you have a few PCI slots, but since the specs aren’t available I don’t know if your fourth slot would be an AGP slot.

The main issue with getting cards is making sure to get ones with XP driver support, which may be hard to come by at this point. You may even have to buy used or refurbished to get around this limitation.


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