Got Carpal tunnel

Got the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Can’t work on the PC for a while, hoping it goes away.

Have you seen a doctor about it yet? Not all wrist pain is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

For me, the solution was an ergonomic keyboard. I currently use a Kinesis Freestyle split keyboard that is divided into two parts, and I can position each half for the most comfort.

Even a couple hours on a straight keyboard starts to bother my hands, but I can type on my Kinesis all day.

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For me all it takes to stop aggravating my wrist and hands during long typing sessions is to put the keyboard in my lap so that I maintain the proper ergonomic 90/180 degree angles on all the joints in my arms and wrists.

Learned that tip from an episode of The Digital Duo back in 1999 when I was 40 and it’s worked every time for me since then.

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It’s not just the PC it is the phone. The phone is really bad on my hand and thumb. I do surveys to make some extra cash and not able to continue because of the swelling. The mouse is also causing me problems. I ordered a New one from HP and they sent a different model than the one I am used to so I will never order from them again because they where sneaky about it. They still have a picture of the old mouse on the website and sending out a different model. I wrote a review about it and they didn’t post it but they kept my good review about the mouse I posted before I received the product . So HP is out you dont know what product your going to get when you order from them. They did return my money back but that isn’t the point and they kept the old picture of the old mouse on the site and are selling it that way. It is already hard if you are a lefty and then this too. Plus I have arthritis. So it isn’t getting any easier to compute on any devices anymore.

Oh, the Arthritis is going to make it hard. You may need to use the phone less, turn on accessibility features, or switch to a bigger device - or smaller device.

You can also get a Bluetooth keyboard and try a vertical mouse. Both might place your wrist and hands in a less painful position.

How much time did you need for getting used to it? I saw keys are slightly different than normal keyboard.

about five minutes. the only thing that bugged me (and still does) was the insert key. I actually switched to the gaming keyboard, which is programmable.

The KinesisGaming Freestyle Edge is one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used, aside from the ergonomic issues. It’s fully programmable, and it has several keymaps to allow you to set up macros or swap keys whenever you need to, on the fly or with the programming software.

And there are no special drivers required - the software is built in to a USB drive in the keyboard, and the macros and key assignments are stored in the keyboard itself, so the keyboard can use all of its features on any operating system, even Linux, Raspberry Pi, or MacOS.

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I think I’d try phone with a stylus to see if that is easier on the hand and wrist. Instead of a mouse on a PC I’d try a Wacom tablet, trackball, or trackpad.