Google's double click on address bar


How can I stop google’s when trying to open a site. At present the only way around is to go to the beginning of the page and delete everything until you reach the correct address. A typical example is trying to access;148863103;g;u=ds&sv1=34061643826&sv2=3125339475397602&sv3=3964419863443519685&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9pDpBRCkARIsAOzRzitZExmfp5ld7yul1dU_FqPU5ulljVN_LYOipRhmwcJ_XELqhGNT-RsaAujyEALw_wcB;%3F


I would start by removing extensions and plugins in Chrome.,

In your address bar, type chrome://extensions

turn all of the extensions off and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then play with turning things back on until the problem comes back. Then permanently remove the plugin that’s messing with you.


Thanks, I have done all of the above and I should have said I work with Firefox.
Strange under control panel and regedit ad.doubleclick does not show.
I have carried out a full scan with Avast and various other mailwares and nothing appears.
I had this about 18 months ago and it just faded away and now it’s back, very strange.


I’m not sure about the thing, but then again I use adblockers and other anti tracking stuff. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re after.


Ah. When you said “Google’s…”, I thought you were talking about Chrome.

If you’ve already removed any browser addons, it sounds like this is some kind of malware that’s serving ads to make money, so it’s probably not going to be as simple as just removing a program in Add/Remove programs.

I’m a little unclear how you’re getting these URLs in the first place. Can you explain the precise steps you’re taking to get to the point where you have this long URL?


So do you type in the address bar, and press enter to go to that site?
If so are you also saying that a doubleclick URL is loaded instead of going directly to the web site?


I type in on the address bar or on the search I just put screw.fix. By he way that address is only an example no a faulty one.


I was searching for a self propelled mower and so put that in the search box. It then cam up with some suggestions and I then clicked on those. Not all had doubleclick.
I have carried out various mailware scans and it has not shown up.


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Not too sure what you are trying to say.
If I enter that address it comes up OK.
But seem to imply that you can’t get it.


Oh. That’s normal if you’re clicking sponsored links in Google search results. There may be an extension out there somewhere that automatically rewrites the URL for you to bypass the campaign link, but I haven’t heard of one.


That was spam. Ignore it.