Google search language settings


I have an issue with the language displayed on my Google search page

A few days ago the language changed to Ukranian (I think) and no matter what I do I cannot change it back to English.
Have tried everything I can think of.
I am using Windows 10 and the problem occurs in Opera, Chrome and Edge.

Only thing I have done out of the ordinary is I just made my first trip to the US and this happened just after I arrived here last Friday.
Any suggestions appreciated.


If Russian shows up in more than one place (in this case three different browsers) - can it be your OS’ language settings?


Thanks for the reply, turned out it was in Google itself.
I went into the Google account settings (again) to the Data & personalization section, Language, and this time a banner popped up saying something like “Some services are not using the selected language” and when I clicked on that it fixed the problem.
Don’t know why it didn’t do that the first five times I went there.


Just a follow up on that problem I had, I did resolve it, now all my Google products are rendering in English but if I try to log in to a site/page using my Google account I noticed it is showing in Russian, so I don’t log in, I get out of there.
I did post this on the actual ‘Google’ forum but have had no feedback.