Google File Drive won't let me delete it. Going isane


I worked for a company which used Google File Drive. I am now a solopreneur, and all my email addresses etc at the old company have been deleted. I use Gmail and Google docs. I don’t want Google File Drive. Every time I switch on my laptop I get a message from Google File Drive to create an account. I don’t want one. I need them to stop asking me. I’ve tried to uninstall it but it keeps saying it’s ‘in use’. How can it be in use if I don’t have an account? How do I get them to stop asking me? How can I delete the software? Any help would be much appreciated.


Where do you see that message – in Google Drive program in your PC or website? Did you check the Google account activity?

Could you share a screenshot of that message? REMOVE any email address from that picture before posting here (or any public forum).


Hi there! It appears on my desktop when I start up the laptop.

I’m not enough of a geek, so am pretty lame when it comes to anything more than the basics, so wouldn’t know how or where to find the google account activity.


Is this what happens, you close that login window with the X button at the top, go to Settings -> Apps and choose uninstall, but Windows won’t uninstall it?

When this happens I try these things in this order.

  1. Look for an uninstall item in the programs start menu and try that
  2. Download the installer for the program, install it and then uninstall it
  3. Use SysInternal’s AutoRuns program to disable the auto-starting of the program and then run the uninstaller.


Hi Paul,

Thanks. I’ll give that a whirl!


Likely the reason why it is saying it is open is because when you close that window with the X the program is still running in the background in your systray (that ^ arrow on the bottom right).

So you want to open your systray and locate the program, right click on it and close/exit from there. Then you should be able to uninstall it.


Hey Larry. Thanks. I’ll look at that as well. I’ve never heard of a systray but will give it a shot.


Thanks for the suggestion.I am also fighting with the same problem .


Here is some more info on the system tray (systray) if you are interested:


Hi Larry,

Thanks for this.

Many thanks