Google Drive:Share-deleted files appear in QuickAccess and Storage?

  1. I shared some files
  2. Then deleted them
  3. But they still appear in Quick Access and Storage.
  4. And they can be deleted
  5. Why they don’t appear in My drive if they appear in other places?
  6. Why is error occurred?


Quick Access folders are basically shortcuts, either pinned or recent locations.

Not sure what you mean by Storage.

With Google Drive you would need to locate the folders that you have allowed to sync, anything placed in those folders will sync. It doesn’t automatically sync all folders.




It looks like you are looking at your drive online, that is where you would look after you have synced files to the cloud. It would also be the same place you can grab files using another computer while logged into your google account, or from your phone (if you have set that access up).


Sorry @larrylmitchell I can’t relate this to the Original Question?


Maybe I don’t understand the question, can you restate it?