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I just started using Google Drive to backup my pc files. I don’t understand the use of the pc directory Google Drive. I followed one instruction to drag a folder to this drive and it will upload the files to the cloud. I’ve discovered that doing that actually moves that folder to the pc Google Drive removing it from its original location. I don’t want my work files moved. What am I missing about uploading files. I downloaded backup and sync. Can I identify folders I want to backup without moving them to a new directory? Do backed up files have to come from the Google Drive directory on my PC? I’m sure there is more that I don’t understand. The user articles don’t really tell me how this works. I need more technical info on how Google Drive works.


If you want to actually upload something without moving the file to Google Drive, then try going to and signing in. Then drag and drop the file on the browser window to upload. (If only I had a GIF or something I could show you…)



Now I seem to have to do some cleanup. It appears I had two google accounts. An old one with only the free space and a new one that I upgraded to 100k. The Backup and Sync is doing to the old account. I have just deleted that account. But the B&S is still trying to backup to that account. I can’t find how to change the backup destination to be the new account. I’m going to go to remove programs to get rid of B&S. Why does this have to be so hard?


Is there a program you can configure that backs up your files? If so, can you get a screenshot of it?


I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m trying to improve my backup process and would like to have a program to do it automatically. I have to understand the cloud first, I think.


There isn’t just one “cloud”. There are many cloud storage companies, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. If you have the Google Drive app installed that tries to back up to the deleted Google account, maybe you could configure that somehow?


Yes, I know some things about the cloud(s). I deleted the program for backing up to the old Google account. I couldn’t find where in the software that you change where it backs up to. So when I am ready I will reinstall it with the new Google account. But if the files to be backed up must be in the PC Google Drive, I won’t use it. So I suppose then that I can’t do automatic backups. I’m still in the learning curve. Right now I’m waiting for a copy of one of my directories to be done before I touch the Google Drive again. 71 hours left to go.


There are two separate and distinct functions to Google drive now (which is why the program was renamed to Backup & Sync).

The Google Drive folder is like a OneDrive or DropBox folder where you move your files to it and it automatically syncs the files to the cloud and also to any other PC’s you’ve set up with Backup & Sync.

The My Computer section of Backup & sync is different, you point that part to the files on your hard drive and it leaves them where they are and just continuously backs them up, it does not sync them to other PC’s

See here for a bit more info:


Michael Crider described exactly what I want. I will reread the article later to see how I need to do what he did. 84 hours remaining in the copy.


Woah! I’ve copied a lot of big files at one point or another, but the remaining time hasn’t ever been that long (except when my PC is really slow at the moment). Just how many files do you have?


Hopefully it’s only a flaky estimate like Randall was making fun of here:

The alt-text:

They could say “the connection is probably lost,” but it’s more fun to do naive time-averaging to give you hope that if you wait around for 1,163 hours, it will finally finish.


73 hours left 1917 files of 13687. I fear that my ISP service is too slow. I can’t get a connection for my IPad. Speed(Down/Up) 7838 Kbps / 861 Kbps It’s a DSL line. Purposely got a low speed when I started out. One user, no wireless. Now it seems it’s not adequate but I don’t want to increase it if speed is not the problem. My IPad can’t get an internet connection. I probably don’t have the settings right. I haven’t figured out how to do that.


The iPad problem could be caused by your up channel being saturated so no other devices can effectively use the internet.

Once the big upload is done everything should work OK assuming you aren’t modifying GiB’s of data weekly.

At 861 Kbps, 73 hours is 26.4GiB of data.

861kbps = 108KBps = 0.108MBps = 0.000108GBps
times 3600 seconds/hour = 0.389GBph
times 73 hours = 28.4GB
times 0.931GiB/GB = 26.4GiB


What do you mean by “up channel being saturated”? Use by my router? Or in the neighborhood? I’m the only one using the router and the ipad is the only device I have on it. So maybe the upload time isn’t that crazy. I’m uploading all my photos - 25 g. Can I tell with Task Manager what processes are uploading?


From what you’ve written I think you have two devices on the router, the computer that is uploading to Google Drive and the iPad. With Google drive trying to get the massive upload done it is likely saturating the up channel . A saturated up channel is likely making the iPad think there is no internet because it can’t get through to internet addresses fast enough. This used to happen to me a lot when I had low speed DSL.

You can test this by pausing Google Drive and waiting for it to stop uploading. Then try connecting to the internet with your iPad. If the iPad now works then it was just Google Drive hogging the up channel causing the problem for the iPad.

If you want you can slow down Google Backup and Sync in Preferences -> Settings -> NETWORK SETTINGS. In the dialog that opens you can change the Upload Rate setting from the default of Don’t limit to a Limit to value of less than your whole up channel speed. A setting of 70KB/second should free up enough up channel bandwidth to let other devices access the internet.


Thanks Paul. The internet connection problem with the Ipad has been happening for months. Way before I started this backup. Wouldn’t the Ipad be downloading, not uploading? Or a little of both. I’m now up to 9k of 13k files. I think I’ll let it go til it finishes. Now I need to understand how I update the backup without starting all over. How do I select only the changes? Remember I did a drag and drop from Explorer to MyDrive. Am I right that the changes only won’t be synced based on how I put the files out there. What speed do you think I should have for the Ipad?


" If you want to actually upload something without moving the file to Google Drive, then try going to and signing in. Then drag and drop the file on the browser window to upload. (If only I had a GIF or something I could show you…)


Backup and Sync is no longer on my PC. I can’t change the upload speed since it’s not running. Is the drag and drop method a reason that this is going so slow?


If I have only one tab open in Firefox (My Drive) why do I have about 8 sessions of Firefox.exe running?


Your post that I was responding to made it seem like the iPad problem was new and therefore possibly related to the Google drive usage. Since it’s not new my post is not relevant to the iPad problem.

FYI - in online forums it’s considered good etiquette to start a new thread when you want to ask about different problem. Doing that also avoids the implied linkage with the original problem.