Good Duplicate Finder


I recently went to load Easy Duplicate Finder. The site posted cost aprox. $39.99
but when I went to buy, a price of aprox. $60.00 came up. They really make it deceptive. Next, I purchased CFC Duplicate Finder when I tried to download CFC Duplicate Finder it it would not install, I will cancel that bill tomorrow. What a wast of time. Can anyone suggest something is good and without all the aggravation?


It’s weird how often this subject comes up… I have to remove spammers trying to sell duplicate file finders at least a couple times a month.

Check out “Doubles” on SourceForge. This is free, open source.

There is absolutely no reason to spend $40 or more on this… in fact, anyone charging you money for such as simple tool is cheating you. I can perform this task in a few minutes on any computer with no extra software, just a web browser and the command prompt.