Gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r bios keys stuck

A couple of years back I took my pc to a specialist shop to have an ssd, graphics card and memory upgrade. Always works fine (although on boot up it has always no drives found) which I thought was just a quirk.
Although the ssd (Samsung 850 Pro) was twice as fast as my old HDD, when I recently checked my speeds were 284/271 and I thought they should/could be faster.

Last month I upgraded to Win 10 and today I thought it was about time I updated my bios, something I have never done before! By entering various F keys it takes me to the correct bios screen. However, the up/down arrows do not work also the enter and escape (exit) the pages are just frozen so I have to force a shut down.
If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful.
Btw, the pc shop has closed.
pc-2 pc-1

Also the bios does not recognize my usb drives.
I have upgraded OS from W7 to W10.

A real long shot from an old non techie: could it be that I need to enable usb keyboard (not sure if enabled or not.) As I can’t get into bios, is there a command from ms-dos box?

Best practice is to NEVER update the BIOS or, UEFI unless you know for certain it will fix a problem you know for certain you are experiencing.

Check the motherboard manufacturer’s support site for the best information on the BIOS/UEFI, what newer versions fix or add, and how to update it (it’s all very manufacturer specific and getting it wrong can be a disaster).

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Thanks for the advice Paul, decided to keep my fingers crossed and take it!
However, I did recently created an emergency w10 bootable usb flash drive but was unable to adjust the drive order to test it. My 2010 bios is fine - as long as my C drive works ok. I just found it strange that when I went into the bios I could not use the up/down arrows or any other keys including “enter” to exit. I had to force a manual shut down to leave…
I was kinda hoping that there was a relatively simple explanation to my problem or whether it was indeed my usb keyboard…thx