Getting Hockey in Florida

I’m going to Florida for October, specifically to Panama City Beach, where their local cable company - WOW - does not have a hockey package. So, how can I continue to watch my Leafs in Florida for October and not have to pay for a full season subscription to a package? Thanks in advance for your help.

Toronto, Canada

My cable provider (ISP) here in New York offers all the content in my package via WiFi - which means I can logon to my cable account on my laptop and stream anything I could view via my normal TV connection.

A few years ago, when we were down in Florida, I was able to watch the NFL NY Giants this way - without having to purchase any additional features.

Try checking with your cable provider and see if they offer something similar. If you are able to stream the Leafs via a WiFi connection on your laptop in Toronto, you may be able to do it in Florida.

Good luck - and please let us know your results because it could be helpful to others here in he future.