"Get Windows 10" dialog just appeared on system


I was just playing Words with Friends on my laptop (running Windows 8.1) and I saw an icon in my taskbar of the Windows logo.
I clicked on it and got this dialog:

I checked out the details for the process displaying the dialog and it is “C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXUX.exe” and it has a Digital Signature from Microsoft.
One of the last Windows Updates I installed must have installed this.
It’s surprising as Windows 10 is not even out so this is pretty early to get a message about it.

Anyone else here get this dialog?


I clicked on “Reserve your free upgrade” and got this dialog:

I put in my Microsoft Account email and clicked “Send Confirmation”.
It then said my upgrade is reserved and there is nothing I need to do right now.
Unfortunately, when I clicked close, the taskbar icon for it was still on my taskbar.
I don’t really need an icon sitting there 24/7 about an update I won’t get for many months.
Edit: I checked and the icon from the process “C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe”.
Probably can just end the process to remove the icon.


JD, the icon came back for me after rebooting but Neowin posted a fix:


I just found the icon on in my Windows 8.1 taskbar.

I’ve been am looking forward to Windows 10, but I want to upgrade on my time line, even if the upgrade (as has been reported) will be free.

This kind of pushed notification, which offers no simple way to be dismissed, and forces me to either interact with Microsoft’s marketing arm or find 3rd party “solutions” to manufactured problems, does not promise a happy start to the Windows 10 era.


I seen that “get windows 10” crap and thought it was some malware that one of the kids had downloaded, so I went to uninstall programs to see if I could find and delete it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, I was getting really frustrated, almost crying after 5 mins, felt like I was having a heart attack, then I typed it in google and found out that it just some stupid nagware from Microsoft to push windows 10, my chest still hurts, I need to go lay down


I believe it’s actually a malware. I’m not an expert, but there are some suspicious things about this file.

Firstly - strange as it may sound - the design. My Windows is in Hebrew and the dialog box is in Hebrew. But, the font it uses is not Sans-Serif, which is inconsistent with the Windows 10 design.
Picture 1

Another inconsistency in the design is the Microsoft logo. The logo shown in the dialog box and in the taskbar has a grey outline, unlike the real Windows 10 logo.
Picture 2

Secondly, and much more important, is that when you enter a link (“Learn more on windows.com”, “Upgrade to Windows 10 frequently asked questions”, etc), it directs you to a 404 Microsoft page. If it was real, Microsoft would make a real page with explanations.

In conclusion, try to remove it from your computer, because it’s not real in the best case and a malware in the worst case.


This is most definitely not malware,


well all this tells us is you know very little about windows update and malware in general, ofcourse its not malware, it was installed from a windows update, “if it was real” you say alot, but it IS real, come on man you shouldnt make wild assumptions about something when the information can be found all around you for what it is or where it came from, and you are online typing this up, so even a quick search would have told you this, posting stuff like this just leave people that skip read quickly panic when they come across post such as yours, it is not good for the community.

“Another inconsistency in the design is the Microsoft logo. The logo
shown in the dialog box and in the taskbar has a grey outline, unlike
the real Windows 10 logo”

EVERYTHING in the taskbar has a grey outline, so that it stands out and easily viewable… why would they not do the same with the icon for windows10?


Getting rid of KB3035583 actually worked. Unfortunately on system shutdown the yellow blob appears on the shutdown button meaning an update is pending. Guess which one? Yes it’s KB3035583 back again. Hiding it is the only alternative.