Get 3D Pinball Game in Windows


Continuing the discussion from Why Microsoft Dropped 3D Pinball From Windows (and How to Bring It Back):

:tada: Here is an alternative way::

  1. Download Windows XP mode from Microsoft (links below).
  2. Rename WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe to WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe.7z (or any compressed file extension).
  3. Open that modified 7z file (469 MB) with 7ZIP, go to the Sources folder, extract the xpm file (473 MB).
  4. Rename the xpm file to xpm.7z, open it with 7ZIP, extract the VirtualXP file (1.12 GB).
  5. This VirtualXP file is a virtual hard drive of Windows XP. This file can be use in HyperV or VirtualBox as VHD file. But for this current purpose rename the VirtualXP file to VirtualXP.7z.
  6. Open VirtualXP.7z with 7ZIP, go to Program Files > Windows NT, extract the whole Pinball folder to your current directory.

:star2: Extract xpm file with 7ZIP

:star2: Pinball folder in VirtualXP file

:star2: Extracted Pinball files

:star2: Playing Pinball game


Seems like a lot of work just to extract Pinball, but hey, this is great for those who don’t have an XP CD lying around and don’t trust those Pinball installers and are also looking for a legal way to get it. :smile:
Nice find. :thumbsup:


@dbugdan @justinpot

:loud_sound: How did I find this procedure?

With some leisure time web surfing, l find that one can get Windows XP virtual hard disk from Windows XP mode. And one can also run it as virtual machine in VirtualBox. See this article::

I also tried it with Hyper-V in my host Windows 10 Pro version 1607. See my findings::

And I also find that VHD file can be opened with 7zip manually to examine contents in fileinfo:VHD. So by mixing up these I ended up with this crunchy idea to get PinBall game. :sunglasses:


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