Free Anti-virus in U.S.?


I have a couple free anti-virus connections on my laptop that I received from tech savvy co-worker. Also, I have HughesNet satellite internet. Am I protected enough against anyone getting my information? I used to pay for Norton ($80/yr) but was told there are plenty of free sites out there that you don’t have to pay for. I heard on here that HughesNet will have their own firewall. Any comments? Thank you.


If you use Windows 10, I would have to say the one that is built into the OS is probably your best bet as far as free goes. There used to be good free anti-virus software out there but most of them have become mostly nuisance and full of adware.


Yep - Win 10 comes with its own firewall and antimalware built in. No need to pay extra - or install extra, even if free. Since the days of Win 7 (meaning years ago), I’ve installed Malwarebytes (stellar reputation) to periodically double check Window’s own antimalware. Never, ever once found malware – except for a very small handful of PUP’s from software that I loaded (and trust).

But more than any competent firewall and antimalware, however, is user caution/skepticism. Don’t go clicking unknown/unexpected links or downloads. Today’s antimalware apps are pretty competent - but none is foolproof - not at all.


There are many techniques for hackers for getting your data if you had paid or unpaid anti-virus in your system.Just take cautions by not clicking on the unexpected ads or links shown on the screens.