Foxit Reader installs malware!


I just wanted to warn everyone that Foxit is now bundling Conduit Toolbar malware in downloads and updates. If you still want to install it, make sure that you choose custom install and uncheck the boxes. Personally, I have chosen to uninstall Foxit and am now using PDF-XChange. Who needs the aggravation?


Thanks for that update. Interesting that they started doing this now.


I removed Foxit and re-downloaded it.
It offered me something else (Accélérer PC - at work we use French OS, so it looked like ‘Speed Up PC’).
Was not Conduit anyway.


I just tried it again from File Hippo. It still had Conduit.


They use the OpenCandy installer, which is going to tailor the bundled offers to the user and country.

I just tested it and Conduit was bundled also.


I downloaded Foxit Reader from here. The download didn’t include any malware.


Like @theMike, I abandoned Foxit for Sumatra (a while back, for reasons I can no longer recall!) and find the latter a good choice.


I’ve found Sumatra PDF to be a good choice too, but I prefer using Document Viewer these days… :stuck_out_tongue:

(It scrolls when I use my touchscreen, too! Great for reading textbooks.)


That’s exactly where I downloaded it from, and it did contain Conduit.


Does Ninite solve this?


What a shame, Foxit was a really nice light weight PDF reader. It always used to try and install a browser toolbar but you used to have the option of not doing that. Now it seems to install a ton of malware. I have just wasted a lot of my time scanning my system and editing the registry all to no avail. I have had to resort to going back to a windows restore point. I am never going to touch Foxit software again.


My cousin seems to be a fnny. He purchased an overpriced slow laptop for my Gran (it was her first computer) even though I suggested Chromebook and even she liked it, and then he installed ‘Advanced SystemCare’ “number one speeding utility”, loada bullsht. Then, because Conduit described itself as ‘safe search’ he installed it and continuously tells me I don’t know what I’m doing. #Idiot


Good tip. Thanks guys. I got rid of my Foxits and got Sumatra. Seems to do the job quite nicely.