Flash drive copying path of file location

I have bought a new HP laptop to replace my old HP which I’ve had 10 years and is now starting to creak. Both are running on windows 10 … the old one was originally windows 7 before the upgrade.
I have copied files from my old one to a flash drive and then copied them from the flash drive to my new laptop. The files open ok on the new laptop when I click on them in the documents folder. However although the files are showing in Task view if I try to open the file from there it shows an error message that file does not exist. When looking at it closely it shows the file as being located in the user path of my old laptop which would explain why it can’t be found on my new one. Clearly the path has been copied into the flash drive.
Is there any way I can stop the path from being copied to the flash drive. All I am doing is dropping and dragging. Tried. deleting files and starting afresh but same problem

What are these files? If they are something like Word documents or PowerPoint slide decks with images, it’s possible that the images were actually linked, rather than embedded. If they were linked, the program may still try to open them from the original file location.

If you can give some more specifics, that would help us figure out the solution to your problem.

They are ods files spreadsheets created in Libreoffice. It just seems to be the ods ones as the xls compatibility ones are opening ok.
Word compatibility ones are fine also.
Strange thing is that it’s only affecting the newer ods files as the older ancient ones are showing up in Task View and opening fine from there. Maybe it’s a glitch in the latest Libreoffice suite.