First time buildings a computer, need a lil bit of help

  1. I may need help throughout the build process
  2. Is it possible to make a fan splitter that is temporary?


There are a number of members here who are very experienced at building their own systems.

It would be very helpful if you could provide some more detailed information about the system you are planning to build for yourself - which will ka e it easier here for other to offer the help you may need.


I can post the link to the build I made if that helps
btw thank you for helping me when I’ve had problems in the past. :​D


build is here


Why do you need a temporary fan splitter?


Also, just for fun, check out this game:

This not only lets you play with different computer designs, but you can experiment with how things fit together and understand what parts you need to make things work the way you want.


Only has 1(case) fan header but the case has 2 fans

  1. Says check it out on steam sends gog link???
  2. Thank you I will check it out if my laptop can handle it


You can connect more fans directly to the power supply using the 4 pin molex connectors. I would not connect a fan with a splitter to the motherboard ports.

Sorry… I found the GOG link first. It’s on Steam, too.


It’s fine thanks a ton