Firmware settings


I have an Asus board z390 and system information shows secure boot enabled, UEFI enabled, yet legacy is enabled.
is this the way my firmware should be, or will this cause any issues with 1809 to 1903?
I think the builder enabled legacy because I am ow to mid level.
If I disable legacy, I would have to go through disabling secure boot and setting boot order instead of F8 when logo appears., I think.
Please correct me if I am wrong b/c I would rather learn here than end up with a machine that won’t boot.


Type bcdedit command in command prompt as administrator. If you see any efi file path then your system has uefi enabled.


I know I have UEFI enabled as well as secure boot.
Is it best to have pure UEFI or legacy/CSM enabled also as far as updates etc go?
I think he enabled legacy/CSM b/c it is easier for me but I do not want trouble.