Finding help with a Facebook issue


Are there any help sites that specialize in Facebook issues?

About two weeks ago, out of nowhere, and having made no changes that I’m aware of, any time I get a notification that a friend has added to their story, and I try to click the notification, a big overlay appears, “Expand your browser window to view this story.” And my browser window is maximized already. It’s impossible to expand it any further.

Are there any websites specializing in help with Facebook so I can ask them what the story is with that idiotic overlay?

EDIT: I found a workaround, at least short-term… F11 to toggle “full screen mode” for Facebook. I’ve never needed to have full screen mode on before, but for now, at least, it lets me view stories.

I’d still like to find a help site for Facebook so I can ask them if there’s a solution that doesn’t require toggling full screen on and off, however. If anybody knows of one.



Tried that before coming here. Nowhere to post a question or otherwise reach a living person.