Finding activity logs on Arris Touchstone


I’m trying to access activity logs for my modem/router combo.
After logging in and poking around I came up empty and resorted to calling my ISP. They said they cannot find anything either. They’re telling me activity logs are likely unavailable for models with built-in routers? Is there a work around for this? I’m finding a lot online for Linksys, but nothing for Arris.

Found this article on how to configure your router for logging:

  • unsure if this would work for me. Can anyone help?


What is your exact Arris model? At first glance these Touchstone’s look like just modems. I don’t see a router component to the models I’m looking at.


Hi, thanks for reaching out. The model number is TG2472.


If you download the Web GUI User Guide from here, page 31 and 93 reference the system logs: