Find my device question


I was just checking my PC and noticed this under find my device,it says:

"Your device updates its location periodically if it is connected to Wifi.

So if connected to ethernet cable directly to a router,it can’t be traced ? This is weird.



That’s sort of true.

A few years ago, a company spent a lot of time driving around, locating and mapping WiFi signals. I happened to be in Salt Lake City at the time, and the mapper got a signal from the WiFi hotspot I was using. So for the rest of the time I had that WiFi hotspot, software that used WiFi for geolocation would think I was in SLC, even after I went home from my trip.

However, there are other ways to associate IP address and location; WiFi mapping is not the only method, so don’t think you’re anonymous just because you are using a wired network. :slight_smile: