File Time Stamps auto updates without changes being made


The “Date Modified” column for folders on my Windows 10 Enterprise PC (a work-issued computer) will show as updated/“modified” to the current date and time even if I only look into the folder; meaning, there are no actual modifications being made.

How can I fix this so that it doesn’t show the folder as having been modified? Sometimes it doesn’t do this, but can’t zero in on the rhyme or reason why. My folder options do not have a “Friendly Dates” options, so please do not suggest a related solution.

From Walter Glenn’s Feb 2018 posting: under “Understanding File Time Stamps”
"Every file on a Windows system has one or more time stamps. The three primary time stamps you’ll work with include:

  • Date Modified: The date and time the file was last written (i.e, when its contents were last modified). Renaming the file doesn’t change this time stamp. Neither does opening the file without making any changes to it.

Thank you.


I have never seen that happen… if the Date Modified timestamp is being updated, then a program has written to the file. Do you have security software or something else that runs on your computer, potentially updating files?

I’d also be concerned that maybe you have malware on your system that is doing something to your computer behind your back. I’d make sure to do a thorough anti-malware scan, just to make sure.


I agree. There may be a malware in your system.