File Explorer issues


Hi Geeks,

I have Windows 10 on an Acer 5 Aspire A515-52-572L laptop.

I do a lot of work in File Explorer (organising, renaming music, etc). It has started hanging or freezing whilst working on these files. Sometimes, it fixes itself after a few seconds, sometimes I have to off the PC at the start button and restart.

Any ideas Geeks?




I decided (before seeing your response) to restore the system. Twenty hours later, the restore is still going. Is my laptop dead or dying?


What software did you use to restore? Win XP, 7 and 10 backup/restore tools are all very ‘hit or miss’ - meaning worse than useless for anything mission critical!

At this point, I would - if able to do so - (1) make backup’s of your data files onto another (external) drive and then (2) do a Windows clean install. If drive /Explorer still misbehaves, then time for a new drive or computer.

Once everything is in shape, do a system backup - NOT with Windows tools but reliable 3rd party software - like Macrium.


Thanks for that.

I used the Windows 10 restore and it’s quite useless. I’ve decided to get a technician to update me to a SSD drive and then re-install Windows.