Facebook - getting someone else's mail


I have been getting an increasing stream of messages from Facebook meant for a lady called Mary who appears to have the same email address as mine. Lately they have included new “friends”, mostly appearing to live in India (Mary is American, I am British), so the trickle has increased to several a day. I have tried taking this up with Facebook, to no avail. Now I forward all of them to Mark Zuckerberg, but without any kind of response. I am not and never have been a member of Facebook. I suspect malware of some sort. Any comments or suggestions gratefully received.


This happened to me a while back when someone used my email address to sign in to a property management service. I could not apply for an apartment, because my email address had been incorrectly entered by someone else.

What I usually do in this case is go to the site and try to sign in using my email address. When it tells me i entered the wrong password, I use the “reset password” function. That will email me a link I can use to log in and change the email address on the online account.

Keep in mind that this is probably illegal, but if Facebook support can’t or won’t help, it’s hard to think of a better way to solve the problem.


Same thing happened to me - somehow my email address was used to create an account with a pizza joint out of town. I did the same thing - couldn’t delete the account so reset the password. I still get emails for pizza specials 500 miles away.


Thanks guys, sound advice, only thing is, to get anywhere with Facebook I would have to join - I posted after reading another excellent HTG article about leaving Facebook. Hotel California comes to mind.

Think I’ll carry on forwarding to Mr Z, until he gets fed up with Mary and offers me a handsome fee to go away.


If you don’t want anything to do with Facebook, and can’t be bothered to call them and resolve this, why not just block the inbound email address?

That’s what Zuckerberg has already done to you. There’s no way he’s reading your forwarded messages and thinking “oh, gosh, this person sure is annoyed.”


Just mark Facebook emails as spam, or create a rule to automatically move them to spam. You aren’t going to get anything of value coming from Facebook anyway.


Yep, I’d use the “mark as spam” route myself. I use Spam Seive and i occasionally have a look at the folder and I’m amazed at how much crap I get but a simple click deletes it all and I’m blithely unaware of it on a daily basis.


Thanks again, folks. I have marked them as spam, and they do go to my junk folder. It’s just annoying when someone has pinched one’s email address, even inadvertently. I didn’t think they would get through to Mr Z, though I had a faint hope that one of his servants might have noticed.