Error 1711/2902 on Windows 7 pc


I’m stuck with this problem. I have a 3 year old machine with two drives installed. C: contains the OS and automatically installed hardware.
D: contains files created from the hardware of C: (This is how the pic was set up from the shop).
I also have Norton installed, again which automatically installed on C: drive.
I now can’t run updates as the C: is full up. The D: drive is larger and is virtually empty. I cannot uninstall any of the hardware from my C: drive as it states “disk full” and won’t carry out any commands… I’ve deleted temp files, Msi temp files and any other rubbish I could find. I understand that I can’t simply delete hardware but must uninstall it but when I try to do this I get Error 1711 come up which I googled and is something to do with registry files. Unfortunately anything remedial that I have found on the internet means I have to install stuff (which I can’t do). I thought I had some luck earlier today uninstalling Adobe elements but before it completed I got another error message- Error 2902. Operation ixoshortcutcreate called out of sequence and it stopped immediately.
I have spent hours on the Internet trying to find a solution to this problem. I am a novice and do not know how to change the settings in administrator so that everything installed gets saved to where I want to be saved rather than the default that is at present the C: drive. Aaahhhhhh!!! Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it. Looking online, dabbling with the windows registry is RISKY and Windows 7 isn’t being supported by Microsoft anymore so I don’t know where to turn.
Can anyone help?


Are they two separate drives or two partitions on the samne drive? What is the make, model and size of each? Is this a laptop or a desk top.


Hi! So okay I had to look this info up on my original invoice…
This machine is a desk top pc put together by Arbico (out of their warranty period).
The full drive C: is an OCZ Agility 60GB solid state Sata 3 drive
The other drive D: is a Seagate 1000GB Sata 3 hard drive.
I was going through the hardware that was installed on the C: drive to see if I could locate a smaller installation that I could purge by googling what each piece of hardware was and did…I have managed by uninstalling some of these to free up enough disk space to allow me gradually to uninstall on the C: drive & reinstall on the D: drive hardware that I need for my everyday functioning which has meant that my Norton product will install crucial live updates etc, phew… And when the Norton product expires (soon) I will make sure that I install the next version on my D: drive (I also found out how to do this via googling last night). But I’m guessing that these errors are important and need to be resolved! Do you know how?


Actually, it still is (but that’s not a reason NOT to upgrade to Windows 10).

My guess is that your computer has a small system drive and a larger data drive. Unfortunately, unless you’re careful about where you install programs and save data they will all go on the system drive, usually “C” and then it fills up.

Do you have anything in the documents or pictures or video folders? Those could safely be moved to the data drive.

Have you tried the Windows Disk Cleanup tool included in Win 7? Just right click on the system drive in Windows Explorer and choose Properties, then Disk Cleanup. You can then choose Cleanup System Files to remove things like Windows Update Cleanup Files.

Also, if you have iTunes installed it will save backups on the system drive that can get huge. There are ways to relocate these backups (and for other apps that do this by default).

Edit: your last post came in while I was typing. The errors may have been related to the disk filling up which it seems you’ve resolved now.