Equipment Requirements


If a router has antennas, then why does it need a modem to transmit and receive? We are trying to ditch all of these corporate internet mongers but everyone keeps saying we need a provider and yet the internet is supposed to be free by law.
Will someone please explain this idiocy!


The Internet has never been free. There have always been costs associated with setting up and operating an Internet connection. The first Internet connections were carried through leased lines, where universities connected directly together. Those links are not free.

Now those antennas? They are good for short range connections - up to 50 feet or so. This is because the FCC only allows for very small power levels for unlicensed devices like these.

It actually is possible to set up neighborhood links and connect local buildings together. With better equipment, you can connect sites up to several thousand feet away. With an FCC license and commercial equipment, you can link up sites miles apart.

But The Internet, that’s not free. It has been owned by commercial entities for years.


No, in the USA there is no such law and never has been.