Drop down menus keep flashing off and on


drop down menus keep flashing off and on, opening and quickly closing. Any suggestions to correct this?


Which drop down menus are you referring to?


I am talking about “ other bookmarks”. However other things are also acting strangely. My library ebooks keep turning over two pages instead of one and my files I use every day open up in the wrong order from Z to A. Halfway through the day they tend to change back to a to z. Also on the Scrabble page when I click on a letter frequently two of the same letter appear. So something is wrong do you know what it is?


It sounds more like a mouse issue to me. What kind of mouse do you have? Do you have another one handy that you can swap out?


.So far it is working well with a different mouse. I will let you know if it continues to solve the problem. Thank you


Hello, Everything has now been working fine for 24 hours apart from file A to Z which still spends half the day as Z to A. However the second mouse I am using is quite an old one so I will be buying a new one to see if that solves the A to Z file. i I thank you very much for your help I really appreciate it.


Hmmm, the A to Z issue is a mystery.

Are these files you are using located in a specific location in File Explorer? If so do other locations in File Explorer also have this issue?

Do you actually see the files change order by themselves? Or are they already re-ordered when you open the location?


The files are in a specific location but the other files do not have this problem. When I open this file in the morning it is frequently listed from Z to A. it is open whilst I continue working elsewhere on the computer. I do not see it change back to A to Z but when I go back to use it I discover it has in fact changed to A to Z sometime during the day.


Typically Windows will remember the unique way you might have different folders laid out.

Perhaps it would be worth running system file checker to make sure there aren’t any corrupted system files:


Thank you, I am working on this. I will get back to you when I see if it works for me


Thank you for that information the problem is now solved.

May I ask your opinion on something. I apologise in advance if I should not do this and should have started a new question.

When I went to look for my photographs on Google it said it no longer supported that system so they were no longer there. This did not concern me too much as I have all the photos on CDs. However I guess in future CDs will be phased out.

My intention is to buy 2 USB photo sticks and have two copies of all of my photos so that if one of the USB photo sticks freezes and no longer works I will still have the photos on the other photo stick .I am wondering how long USB photo sticks will be in use and will they be also phased out? In which case it would be a bit pointless my buying two new ones if they are not going to be used for very long.

if this is the case how will we store photos in the future, preferably a free system.

Thank you


I’m assuming the system you are referring to from Google might be Google+

No one knows how long thumb drives (photo sticks) will be used, but the trend is to store all data in the cloud.

If you were to store your photos on Google Drive, OneDrive, or something similar you should be fine. Google gives you 15GB of free space linked to your email account and doesn’t even count photos towards that allocation.

Rather than using two thumb drives a better idea would be to use one thumb drive so you have a local backup, and then store a second copy on something like Google Drive so you have an offsite backup in case of disaster like fire or flood.


I suspect you were using Picasa Web from Google for your photos, it shut down in 2016. If that is the case, then your photos are already on Google’s current photo service, Google Photos, because that was the backend storage system for Picasa Web. See the following linked page for more information:

Google Photos has nice apps for Android & iOS and can be used via the web for any other platform. They store your photos in high quality (16 megapixel photos/1080p video) for free with unlimited storage. If your photos/videos are higher resolution, and want to store them at the original resolution, then the storage counts against your Google Drive storage quota.


.They were not on Google photo so I am now downloading them onto My Drive thank you for your advice.


Thank you for your advice.I am now downloading my photos onto My Drive I will also get a new thumb drive so I have two copies available.


Google Drive syncs your files automatically, but I would advise to disable Google Drive from starting automatically so you have more control when the sync’s occur.

Now with your thumb drive you don’t have built-in syncing, but you can use a program called FreeFileSync (freefilesync.org) to setup folder pairs so that all you will have to do in the future is connect the drive, launch the software and hit the sync button. It will automatically copy and/or delete any file changes you have made with those folder pairs.


This is what Idid. Is this what I should have done?

4. Disable Google Drive offline

  1. In Chrome browser, go to drive . google .com.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of your browser.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Click the box next to " Sync Google Docs , Sheets, Slides and Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline."


That sounds like something different. You aren’t working with google docs but rather trying to backup your data files.

If you are using Google Drive you would download the program so that it would run on your computer in the background (systray) and sync up any folders that you have setup/designated.


Thank you I have done that now all working fine.