Downloading your articles


Many of your articles are worth saving so that I can refer to them later. However, there is no download button. Please add one. Meanwhile, can you please let me know how to download and save your articles? Many thanks.


Does the Save As function in your web browser work? IE, Firefox, and Chrome have always been able to save a local archive of a web page. I just tried it on Chrome, and it works fine.

On Chrome, you just right-click in the page and choose Save As. In IE, you may need to tap the ALT key on your keyboard to bring up the menu, where you can choose to save the contents of the page you’re viewing.

Just bear in mind that all of the content on the web site is Copyrighted, and it’s illegal to re-post or re-upload any of that content elsewhere. The articles here are also updated from time to time, so it may actually be a better idea to just come here and use the search box when you’re looking for information on a topic you’ve seen before.


@PremjitTalwar In which format do you want to download articles web page? If you have any PDF editor (e.g. Acrobat DC Pro) in PC, then you may convert web page directly in PDF. In Android phone Firefox provides this feature.

In PC open any browser press Ctrl+S and chose options to save complete web page or the HTML only.


I just copy and paste the article into LibreOffice Writer (I used to use MS Word), edit it to clean up the formatting, delete unneeded portions (such as directions for an OS I’ll never use) and remove unneeded related article links (sometimes, I also copy the related articles as well into their own Writer docs or combine them with the main article). Once I’m more or less happy with how the article looks on “paper” (I don’t agonize over the appearance as long as it is readable and doesn’t waste too much space; it’s not like I’m going to publish it), I save it to a PDF that has the Writer .odt file embedded (to make future editing easier; embedding the .odt file leaves the folder directory less cluttered but still gives me easy access to it for editing; I just open the .pdf in Writer and the .odt files automagically appears).


Thanks very much. I am using the Chrome browser as well. I was trying to download the Synology NAS article, since I am planning to buy one. Unfortunately, the download stops (freezes) at 99/148 point, with 12 seconds left, but nothing happens. Your last suggestion is most logical. Unfortunately I do not have access to the web at home and have to rely on what I download. Great forum. Thanks.


Thanks much. This I can do.


For anyone archiving this kind of stuff, I’ve found OneNote is quite handy. Not only can you keep everything together and easily organized in one spot, but you also have the excellent search built-in that works much better than searching files in file explorer, or manually searching.


The way I archive the pages is to just save them in a folder in bookmarks. If the pages get updated at any time, the link changes to reflect that. I found this to be a better way than trying to archive them any other way and I don’t fall into any copyright problems ( I hope :wink: ).


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yeah, lately I’ve been using OneNote a lot too, finding it really helpful