Download Bios update


Found Bios update on Asus for my motherboard but when it downloads it always goes into a photo program so cannot unzip it or use. Trying to update to win 10 1903 but microsoft help says my bios need updating which is why it fails to install. Any ideas how to solve this, computer is running 1803 version. Any suggestions appreciated.


Assuming you mean that when you click the link on the ASUS website it opens in some photo program instead of downloading. Then you need to go in to your browsers settings and set the browser to download zip files instead of opening them with the photo program.

Helpful information in case you have more questions:

  • ASUS motherboard model (so we can find the BIOS file on their website to try downloading it).
  • The browser name and version you are doing the download with.


The Asus motherboard is P8Z77-V-LX loaded when comp built BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 0610, 08/05/2012. I know old but has loads of memory and large hard drive and does what I need, not gamer. Running Win 10 version 1803 had update come 1903 failed install oxc1900101-ox30018, Micros soft downloaded a clean version got to 60% failed again. One of their tech guys said it needed a bios update, phoned the guy who built it he didn’t agree, so really lost. 1803 runs fine. Found board on Asus site download to my computer but it just opens in photo program which it did for the Microsoft tech, he just put it on a USB un opened and said change boot and it will do it but how I cannot see, as I cannot see any files. The firm that built it said it is a Microsoft problem and do a clean install. Not sure it is worth that at present time. The download opens in photo after trying to extract . Sorry I am not technical and also over 70 so not that technical. Appreciate your help. Hope this makes sense. Bill


Unfortunately the technician who copied the file to your USB drive was unaware that older ASUS BIOS update utilities cannot extract the update file from the zip archive. Most all modern BIOS update utilities can extract the update file from the ZIP archive automatically.

For reference here are the ASUS step by step instructions for updating your BIOS.

From what you’ve written it seems that you are having problems with step 7.

  1. Unzip the file and copy it to an USB disk.

Here’s my attempt at an expanded explanation of that step.

  1. Open file explorer and select your Downloads folder.
  2. Double click on the BIOS archive you downloaded from ASUS (
    NOTE: if instead of opening in file explorer the Zip archive opens in another program:
    a. Close the other program
    b. Right click on the BIOS archive
    c. Click on Open with > than then click on Windows Explorer
  3. Right click on the P8Z77-V-LX-ASUS-2501.CAP file and choose Copy.
  4. Insert your USB drive
  5. In the file explorer window that opens, right click in a blank area of the file list and choose Paste
  6. Restart the PC so you can continue with step 8

Now the rest of the steps in the ASUS instructions should work.

FYI - The reason other methods can lead to Microsoft Photos trying to open the file is because Microsoft Photos is set to open files with a CAP extension by default.


Thanks Paul I do understand but when I click open with windows explorer it opens with Affinity photo which is on my computer every time. Whether a zip program would stop this, so will try and fine one and see, will let you know.


I am wondering whether the Bios update would make any difference as the new version is only 2 years different. As the computer runs fine with versioin 1803 win 10 then perhaps it is not worth the bother. Also in future could try a clean install windows if necessary, if all fails I suppose a new motherboard if the processor can be taken out of this one.


You probably shouldn’t update your BIOS, but sometimes you need to. Here’s how to check what BIOS version your computer is using and flash that new BIOS version onto your motherboard as quickly and safely as possible.


Thanks Keith, As I am only trying to update win 10 then I will try again as the latest Asus Bios for my board is only two years difference. Running version win 10 1803 getting updates for 1903. will try at the week end perhaps again.

As all appears to work fine as it is at present I am told a clean install may work but will loose to many programs for that unless I really have to. Also latest Bios download will not open no matter what I do, goes into a photo program every time.