Do you use "an SSD" or "a SSD" when writing?


Superman, my dad and my mom went to the movies last night.

Am I half-Kryptonian, or was this date a threesome? :smile:


For the same reason some people wear all black and hang out with their black-wearing friends - being different makes you special!

(Also, to all people who post on forums: the edit button is your friend, as is proofreading. I think I edited this post 3 times now.)

(4 times. Just testing something.)


I love the edit button! I don’t love that the flag turns red if I wait too long… :unamused:


Agreed. I would like to see some changes to the editing rules:

  1. Currently, the original state of deleted and edited posts are visible to other users. If I make an edit, there’s a reason, and I really don’t like that someone can hit the pencil icon and see my previous entry. (Looks like that threshold is maybe 15 minutes?)
  2. You should be able to edit your post forever. This is especially true for threads like my Windows 10 FAQ, where I wanted to be able to add new information or correct existing information as it came up. I’m fine with the post being marked as “edited on xxx”, but I should still have the option to fix stuff down the road, if necessary.


Either that, or you’re calling the person you’re talking to Superman.


Hi, Superman. My mommy and daddy aren’t here. Can you save me from that burglar?"

My father, you might know him as Superman, likes to live a normal life when he’s not saving the world from the forces of evil. In fact, he’s out at the movies with my mother right now. And no, I’m not telling you her name, either."

In a rare public appearance, Superman went with my parents to see the new Star Wars movie. Afterward, he said he loved it but that “it didn’t seem very realistic.”

This seems like an ironic statement, coming from a man who can bench press a building and can shoot laser beams from his eyes. (Did I use “ironic” correctly there? I think I did, but I’m not sure.)


Absolutely. I have been fighting for that since many years. And I stopped publishing tutorials on HTG because I could never correct or update them. Many updates and additions occur only after a long time maybe because of changes in hardware or software.


I’ve seen a suggestion for a Wiki. Off this topic, though…


I didn’t know what an Oxford Comma was so I googled it and it appears to be an extra comma in a list so a sentence like Windows 10 can run on multiple device types such as Tablet, Phone and XBox One would not have an Oxford Comma while Windows 10 can run on multiple device types such as Tablet, Phone, and XBox One does have the Oxford Comma.
If I understand it correctly then I don’t see the point of this extra comma.

Yeah, I don’t like it either.
I posted about this limit 23 days ago in a new topic titled Edit Post Time Limit is under 9 hours, why?.
HTG seems to have the shortest post edit limit of the forums I post on.
It’s also shorter then the default post edit limit of 3 months that the Discourse forum software has as listed in this Discourse Meta forum post.

An edit history that everyone can see is needed so that someone can’t just rewrite the history of what they said in a topic.
If someone says something in a topic that another person has replied to and then they were to change it significantly, that would make the topic confusing and hard to follow.

This would be helpful in some situations like that though for others it could lead to abuse.
Maybe a feature could be implemented that marks a post a special type that allows unlimited editing for FAQs and Tutorials.


Then you are obviously not Oxford material.


That’s what quotes in replies are for. I don’t know of any other common forum software that keeps an edit history, and I don’t particularly like it here.

I think the positive uses far outweigh the bad, and if it was a problem, users could theoretically be put in a “no edit” or “short edit” group.


It is often unnecessary, but it often leads to confusion when not used. See my Superman example.


Notice my Oxford comma. I use them all the time in my posts.


Your list might include an item that already includes “and” such as:

A Brit might say, “For dinner last night I had a prawn cocktail, fish and chips, and a pint of beer.”


That makes sense. I usually just avoid making a list like that where one item includes an “and”.
It appears using an Oxford comma would be easier then rewriting the message.


I’m curious. How many of us actually find the edit history to be useful?


I’ve never used it, on this site (although I’ve only been here a few months) or any other site.

Usually, they just say, “Last edited: date/time”

Edit (LOL): Isn’t this off-topic?


Yeah… but if you try to split it now, we’re going to get responses on both threads, which will just make things worse. Maybe @Scott_vt can split all the Discourse-related replies off to a new thread in Meta.


Like so many English rules - it just depends.


We’re now in 2019.
An Uber [comma], or a Uber?
USAsians would likely say ‘an oober’. Like their ‘stoopid’ and ‘toon’.

A unique idea. A unifying solution. A unit. A uranium pellet. A urethane sheet. A Uranus-like planet. A use. A usable forum. A USAsian.