Do i really need microsoft?


Lenovo ideapad 320, I only use for my media, I live in a dead zone . Internet for me is like pulling teeth. I use my android to look around at the world. I am sick of losing bits of my life to micro soft ,Apple becuz I am not in compliance with the sucker agreement. I have a pile (300pds) I call the junk yard full of computers,phones becuz I just can’t wrap my mind around how it all works. I’m tired of copying my movies/ music from cd/dvd. Last 8 years the ONLY thing on any of my "junk yard " is VLC and every so often attempt to link my mobile devices (off line) to control the next song . Am I alone ? Does anyone feel me ? Do I really need microsoft? Or apple?


There are many OS to try – GNU/Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Arch, Manjaro, Linux Mint, Kali etc.), GNU/Hurd, BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc.).


These days there are a lot of alternatives if you don’t use any programs that specifically require Microsoft. If you want something that looks a lot like Windows for familiarity then Linux Mint is a good option to try.


Try the Linux versions like Ubuntu,Linux Mint etc because they are working without any hurdles.


OP says he lives in an ‘internet dead zone’. And thus, his music and video media are limited mostly to what he could rip (copy) off CDs/DVDs. And Android (cell phone) is how OP connects to “look around the world”.

Given the above, changing desktop OS from Windows to Linux isn’t the answer!

My suggestion to OP: Limit your desktop Windows to chores that don’t require any connection. Rely more on your phone instead (Android apps can do pretty much anything this day and age – sometimes even more versatile than desktop apps).

One big weakness of relying on your phone as the main (or sole) device at home is the inconvenience with using small screen. That, you can mitigate greatly by:

  1. input convenience - buying a bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  2. output convenience - connect to a bigger screen or buy a Android tablet/laptop for home use

If your computing needs are pretty standard household stuff (web surfing, email, banking, home finances, music, video, photos…) - you can certainly go all Android (or optionally mostly Android with Windows desktop as secondary device).


Thank you. Its crazy for me to get on line. I have a desk top with windows 7, it will never get on line, it doesnt have the ability . Now how do i get all those years of my life off my had drives and most importantly put them on what (so i can play/view them) so i dont lose them .


First thing to determine is what the total amount of data is that you will be needing to transfer. Likely the most convenient method would be to copy all the data to a thumb drive, but if you have over 100GB of data then you would probably looking at purchasing an external hard drive instead.