DKIM configuration


I have a domain and it has two MX records. I have Indimail installed and working fine.

I have added a spf record like below

v=spf1 mx a ip4:x.x.x.x/32 ip4:x.x.x.x/32 ~all

I have configured, DKIM in Indimail and placed DNS record accordingly as well. I have configured DMARC as well.

My application send an email out of using Indimail server which is my in MX records.

For a specific requirement, From ID would be

This application is used by customer as well and when customer submits a feedback option, application hits my website

But they get a warning message that “” is a suspicious domain.

As the From-ID domain is different than my original domain, I thought SPF and DKIM record should consider the email as genuine emails. Though the emails are not marked as spam, but still SPF alignment is not crossing 28% and DKIM alignment is 0% from customer DMARC report for my MX servers.

DMARC report for my domain shows as 100% alignment for DKIM/SPF.

Need your help here. Basically, I need to “Send email from another domain without being spam”.

I have created an account in postmarkapp and configured DMARC record for getting a report.

I received weekly report and report shows that our mails were 100% SPF aligned and 99.8% DKIM aligned.

Whenever the email is triggered with from-id as @my-domain to @customer-domain via my Email Server SPK/DKIM/DMARC is getting passed.

And when email is sent with from-id as @customer-domain via my email server, SPF/DMARC is getting passed and DKIM is failed as the DKIM-signature is configured only for my-domain. "

Customer has updated their SPF record, with my-domain in the include flag.